This is not a drivers Hall of Fame. This Hall is reserved for the great
fans who have supported this great sport for at least 25 years. HOFers
must be nominated by a Dirt Fans Team Member. Click a name in
Green for their Hall of Fame interview. Members can send their
nominations to
Frank Aucoin Sr
Claude McFarland
Ted Barnes
Ed McKee
Wylie Barnes Jr
Billy Joe Monroe
David Belcher
Pop Mugavin
Johnny "Ringo" Bell
Dan Mullen
Bill Bennett
Felica Nunn
Bill and Greta Benzing
Kenny Patton
Jerry E. Brown
"PawPaw" Hershel Perry
Ron L. Brown
Dennis Piefer
Danny Burnette
Troy Powers
Jim Carmichael
Lloyd Prentice
Norman "Big Norm" Carpenter
Flora Price
Jim and Marilyn Cox
Willie and Ray
James Crump
Gale Reed
Dale Cuttler
James "Peanut" Roland
Steve Davis
Patrica "Mamanut" Roland
Lonnie Delph
Mike Roland
Adrian Dickson
Lou Settie
Dean and Elnora Fannin
Bill Shannon
Tom Fenos
Wanda Shannon
Dale, Judy, and Ernie Gourley
Craig Shaw
Ron "Red" Griffin
Eddie and Linda Shultz
Chuck and Sharon Hallett
Scott Smith
Marvin Harden
Bobby and Jana Sparks
Bob "Pop" and Betty Harper
Carl Stemler
Dave Hatcher
Georgeann Stemler
Don and Diane Hendrickson
James Stevens
Joe Hill
Jeff Smith
Ray Holt
Charlie Verrecke
Ron and Lyn Hopper
Dan Wautlet
Aletha Hughes
Russ Wellen
Jimmy Johns
Gloria Whalen
Lee "Leebo" Kindred
Butch Wildermuth
Joe Lay
Barney "Bear" Wieck
Raymond "Tee-berry" Lee
Mary Jane Wilson
Bobby Lefler
Don and Betty Wolfe
Bob Linde
Lloyd "Woody" Wood
Marty Mays
Barbara Zornes